Example sentences of "there [verb] [be] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 erm Listeners will probably know that there has been for many years what 's called the Schools Council , which has looked at erm curriculum matters and examination matters , and a year or so ago it was decided to discontinue the Schools Council , and to replace it by two successor committees , one the School Curriculum Development Committee , which you 've already mentioned and which I chair , and a parallel committee concerned with examinations , the School Examination , sorry the Secondary Examination Council , which is chaired by a mathematician , Sir Wilfred Cockroft .
2 There has been for some years a basic agreement that the parliamentary salary should be sufficient to prevent MPs feeling the need to seek supplementary income .
3 It has to be said that there has been for some years within the Labour Party something of a class divide — a working-class element resentful of a middle-class takeover by lawyers and the like .
4 There has been for some time in Africa debate concerning the suitability for the Eucharist of wheat bread and grape wine .
5 There had been for many years various organizations to co-ordinate Nonconformist work in both political and religious fields and the oldest bodies dated back to the previous century .
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