Example sentences of "if you have [verb] [pers pn] [art] " in BNC.

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1 Lewis felt ‘ as if you had given me a bottle of champagne …
2 If you had asked me a year ago , ’ said Roycroft , ‘ I 'd have said everything was going wonderfully well — but then it all fell apart . ’
3 ‘ Oh , that 's the Eiffel Tower , ’ and he says it in the same tone of voice as if you had shown him a portrait of Grandpa , and he had said : ‘ So that 's your grandfather I 've heard so much about .
4 ‘ I feel as if you 've given me a gift I 'm completely unworthy of .
5 Maybe he just did n't think when they showed him it , that it was n't the right one cos I suppose if you 've seen them every day you do n't , it does n't register it 's just the fact that of course your dad only gave him the price of the blue and white
6 Less entrancing , I suppose , if you 've got them the other way round .
7 ‘ You might n't have thought so if you 'd seen them the next day , ’ said Toby .
8 I would have thought if she would have sat in the chair , I mean well she could n't go the week aha I do n't young enough yeah , about a month ago she just peed of somewhere and some , I do n't know , she 's alright , I said yes she 'll be alright , I said I 'm going to start cooking so she said I got to take these Heather , I said well they 'll travel better in there , your father said you know Jane he said if you 'd given her a hand
9 Roger I 'd 've given it you a lot quicker if you 'd given me a list of jobs to work on .
10 ‘ And , if you 'd given me the chance to finish , you would also have heard me specify ‘ for the general collection ’ .
11 It would n't have surprised me if you 'd given me the boot there and then .
12 If you 'd made me a cup of coffee , ’ I say , ‘ I could have walked home . ’
13 If you 'd told me the truth about that years ago , none of this wretched business would have happened . ’
14 By shutting this door to exclude fear , even if you have to do it a million times , you are making the statement that you decide not to let that thought feed on your life 's energy .
15 You then whip the cream ( it is easier if you have left it an hour or two in the refrigerator after cooling ) and when it stands in peaks you can turn it in to the muslin or clean napkin with which you have lined an earthenware or metal cheese mould or drainer — which can be improvised by piercing holes in a cheap cake tin or in a tub-shaped carton — and leave it 3 or 4 hours , or overnight .
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