Example sentences of "if it is [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Whether the life sentence is regarded as a sufficient denunciation in society depends on the public 's perception of what life imprisonment means : if it is widely believed that it results in an average of nine years ' imprisonment , the effect will be somewhat blunted .
2 But unless you want to spend your time and money on litigation against surveyors , building societies , estate agents and solicitors , with no guarantee of success in the end , you need to become as competent as you possibly can in carrying out your own surveys , even if it is simply to check that the ‘ expert ’ has n't missed anything .
3 Good communications will often secure good working relations with no misunderstandings , if it is clearly explained that those details must be specified in the estimate .
4 These costs of consent to political authority suggest that , on instrumental grounds , consent can only be held binding if it is so qualified that its effect is almost entirely confined to reinforcing independently existing obligations to obey .
5 If it is now assumed that the coefficients on and in the unemployment equation are different , so that we are not assuming structural neutrality , we can rewrite the unemployment equation as :
6 If it is always assumed that they are intellectually inferior , what else is there for them to do … every time teachers are constantly amazed by the fact that in the first year they have at the moment there are two or three really bright West Indian boys , and it 's of constant amazement to people like Mr G … ‘ my goodness he 's bright where does he get it from ’ .
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