Example sentences of "been [vb pp] over a long [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 In early 1977 , for the first time in 30 years , campesinos in the central region of the country occupied land from which they had been evicted over a long period of time to make way for export crops .
2 There are plenty of other collections with which to compare this one that do seem to have been written over a long period , and , indeed , the possible Eckard autograph F-Pn D 14218 ( see n.5 ) , with its much more disparate contents , its fragments , and its changes of hand toward the end , is such a source .
3 If it 's a professional job they will have been observed over a long period and their habits and financial status will be known . ’
4 Complex adaptations have developed because in certain circumstances the same selection pressure has been maintained over a long period of time .
5 All your behaviour , with the exception of those reflexes that were built into the system , has been acquired over a long period of ad hoc learning .
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