Example sentences of "have been [vb pp] for some time " in BNC.

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1 The difficulties in comparing the two modes of treatment have been understood for some time .
2 Laws to prohibit discrimination on the ground of disability and to advance equal opportunities for disabled Britons have been mooted for some time .
3 Efforts have been made for some time to get this off the ground and a successful public meeting was held at Newtown at the end of April .
4 The sixteen paintings seem likely to remain with the Uffizi , where they have been stored for some time .
5 Bound , hard cover books , laboratory notebooks have been used for some time and have a strong pedigree .
6 These letters have been known for some time , as the aggrieved Leone published them in a pamphlet in 1764 .
7 The research has been done for some time and the results have been known for some time , yet still the Government do nothing .
8 As members will be aware , the Local Government Regions and Districts have been known for some time , and the areas of the Sheriffdoms were published at the beginning of the year .
9 If a claim is initially received under item 5 and weekly benefits have been paid for some time and the initial medical prognosis was poor , close attention should be paid to the possibility of a capital benefits claim being made .
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