Example sentences of "have been [verb] [prep] some [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
2 We have been forecasting for some time that the future of applications development would become the linking of objects , and that the keys to the kingdom would be held by the companies that sold the best objects , and Novell Inc seems to think so too .
3 These have been viewed with some irritation by Northern regions who feel that their needs have been ignored in the planning of the Tunnel , and that pampered southerners should be prepared to pay the price of their economic success .
4 In recent years several British ensembles have begun to draw upon an ‘ exotic ’ instrumentarium of this kind once again , but they have been marginalized to some degree .
5 Nurses who have been nursing for some time are likely to have reached the stage where much of what they do has become automatic , that is , carried out without conscious thought or awareness .
6 The various fungal diseases which manifest themselves upon fish are almost exclusively secondary infections , developing on areas of the body which have been damaged in some way .
7 Indications of Mr Mandela 's growing political stature in the eyes of the government have been accumulating for some time .
8 Division Two of this event is probably best left to Tom Jones 's Sadler 's Wells newcomer Alyakkh , about whom local work-watchers have been cooing for some time .
9 The difficulties in comparing the two modes of treatment have been understood for some time .
10 Laws to prohibit discrimination on the ground of disability and to advance equal opportunities for disabled Britons have been mooted for some time .
11 In the paranoid , anguished silence you surmise , or maybe you were told later , that these heavies have been swindled in some drug deal in the scuzzy wine lodge next door , and that they are out to commit violence against the perpetrator .
12 Divisional general manager David Howroyd commented : ‘ We are tremendously excited about this venture , which we have been considering for some time .
13 When people publish prescriptive grammar books , or dictionaries which tell you how to spell words or style manuals which tell you how to punctuate , they are either making their own choice between different possible ( in many cases , arbitrary ) rules or conforming to rules which have been selected at some point by others from a range of possibilities and passed down through history .
14 Environmental organizations have been calling for some time for the incorporation of environmental criteria into the various CAP support mechanisms .
15 Efforts have been made for some time to get this off the ground and a successful public meeting was held at Newtown at the end of April .
16 In Northern Ireland , as in the rest of the UK , these tables have been met with some controversy and suspicion .
17 Gone are the days when thick nylon coated wire and barbaric hooks ruled ; thankfully these have been replaced by some topclass products .
18 Essentially , there are four types of control which have been exercised for some period : first , the " White Paper " controls on pricing , investment and financial targets ; secondly , external financing limits ( EFLs ) imposed by the Treasury ; thirdly , efficiency audits by the Monopolies and Mergers Corn-mission ( MMC ) ; and fourthly , direct controls on management itself .
19 If the package has changed and the DCs have been aborted for some reason , but you still wish to proceed with the change , raise new DCs , get agreement for the changes , activate the Dcs through your package , then resubmit the package for approval .
20 The sixteen paintings seem likely to remain with the Uffizi , where they have been stored for some time .
21 ‘ It only proves what I have been saying for some time that this was nothing more than an arranged marriage .
22 Colleagues in local government have been saying for some time that the Government have said that , at some point , the revenue collection services in local authorities would be privatised and would go out to tender .
23 I think I 'm making my point , I have been saying for some time now that given the fact that all that security has n't produced the results , the logic of that is dialogue , and when I see the opportunity as I saw it , of dialogue , direct dialogue with Mr Addams that could lead to a total cessation of this violence , I felt it was my duty to do so .
24 Faced with this lack of clarity in the law , the police have been left to some extent to interpret it for themselves .
25 There has been some doubt about the law with regard to traffic-calming measures other than road humps which has meant that authorities have produced traffic-calming schemes but have been left in some doubt as to whether they could be prosecuted for obstructing the highway .
26 This last datum may be accompanied by one of the following letters : S = the company 's shares have been suspended , A = company has been acquired , L = company has been liquidated , e = non-voting shares have been enfranchised for some reason , and lastly F = the shares have been withdrawn from the official list for some other reason than those already mentioned .
27 In part this is concerned with the omission of key features of reality , such as uncertainty , the role of expectations , and market imperfections , which have been discussed to some extent in earlier Lectures .
28 I have been waiting for some time for hon. Members to refer to my apparel and I am duly flattered .
29 This idea has borne some fruit in temperate countries , where spoil-tips , gravel-pits and other industrial eyesores have been returned to some sort of semblance of native vegetation with its associated fauna .
30 ‘ I HAVE been portrayed as some sort of tyrant landlady .
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