Example sentences of "'s [adv] [subord] [pers pn] do not " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 Where I have a little concern and that 's only 'cos I do n't know the of all of it , is that you are picking up , yes very minor non-conformances but in practice fairly large numbers in a fairly short time scale what I would be concerned about is when you get your B S I audit that these other areas that you have n't looked at have got equally this lack of attention to detail , that you end up with not only major break down in your system , but sufficient minor breakdowns in your system , to cause them to say that they wo n't give you registration .
2 ‘ That 's only 'cos you do n't know what you 're into .
3 It 's best if I do n't go unless there 's a proper green light thing .
4 Perhaps it 's just because you do n't like her ?
5 When mink and otters manage to share a habitat — and , on both sides of the Atlantic , they often do — it 's usually because they do n't compete too much for food .
6 It 's like if you do n't get hold
7 no it 's probably because they do n't buy her any .
8 I think it 's mainly because I do n't really get enough exercise this time of the year I do n't
9 Perhaps it 's simply because they do n't really know how to go about it .
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