Example sentences of "'s [adv] [conj] you do n't " in BNC.

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1 ‘ That 's only 'cos you do n't know what you 're into .
2 I 'm not saying that it is necessarily trivialising to talk to interviewees about their clothes , it 's just that you do n't find the male presenters on Rock Steady talking to Phil Collins about his suits !
3 " It 's just that you do n't look much more than seventeen yourself . "
4 It 's just that you do n't know how we do it here , Captain Owen .
5 Perhaps it 's just because you do n't like her ?
6 It 's like if you do n't get hold
7 For some years he 's been lucky to be in a position of being able to pick and choose his work , while admitting ‘ sometimes you have to choose from what 's there and you do n't always necessarily choose the best .
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