Example sentences of "were [verb] [adv prt] [adv] over [art] " in BNC.

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1 In no sense did it correspond to the experience of student activism that so many of my generation were to go through elsewhere over the next few years .
2 ‘ We can eat later , ’ Leila called , trying to keep order over the group who were wandering about all over the place .
3 So this car that was trying to get out was sitting there waiting and there was no driver in sight and people were rushing about all over the station trying to find the driver .
4 Purple and yellow crocuses were popping up all over the lawn , the hard winter outlines of shrubs and trees were blurred by new growth like the fuzz on an adolescent 's upper lip , even the rows of savagely pruned rosebushes at the front of the house , separated by concrete walkways like a cemetery of spider crabs buried upside-down , were shoving out shoots and buds .
5 When the bell was sounded , people were running around all over the place , checking gates and doors .
6 The Interflora boom and Smiths devotees were sprouting up all over the place with their obnoxious shirts and silly haircuts .
7 But her pulses were jumping around all over the place .
8 Although Wilhelm 's army was no match for the total power of the Waaagh , Grom 's forces were split up all over the Empire into many small armies .
9 Reform circles were springing up all over the country , calling for Mr Grosz 's dismissal .
10 Her clothes were spread out all over the bed , and at first she could n't figure out what they were doing there .
11 Commandos were digging in all over the place .
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