Example sentences of "'s [adv] [subord] [pers pn] do n't " in BNC.

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1 Where I have a little concern and that 's only 'cos I do n't know the of all of it , is that you are picking up , yes very minor non-conformances but in practice fairly large numbers in a fairly short time scale what I would be concerned about is when you get your B S I audit that these other areas that you have n't looked at have got equally this lack of attention to detail , that you end up with not only major break down in your system , but sufficient minor breakdowns in your system , to cause them to say that they wo n't give you registration .
2 ‘ That 's only 'cos you do n't know what you 're into .
3 It 's best if I do n't go unless there 's a proper green light thing .
4 Perhaps it 's just because you do n't like her ?
5 Well no it 's not cos you do n't know what your going into do you .
6 So I hope you 'll understand that if I do n't include my subscription with this letter it 's not because I do n't support you and if I shop in Smiths it 's not because I want them to sell pornography .
7 I do n't really want to be seen as part of the team and it 's not because I do n't like them — they 're all nice people — it 's just that I do n't want to be The Word 's latest wanker .
8 It 's not because I do n't love you and Dad , you know that .
9 and it 's like I said mum it 's not because I do n't trust Angela
10 It 's it 's not if you do n't reach seven thousand pound it 's not a a failure situation , it 's just that 's we would be very happy to have that because the following year which is when no expenses come up for you know no no production costs come from erm then er that 's that 's the sort of profit we need to calculate for the
11 When mink and otters manage to share a habitat — and , on both sides of the Atlantic , they often do — it 's usually because they do n't compete too much for food .
12 It 's like if you do n't get hold
13 no it 's probably because they do n't buy her any .
14 I think it 's mainly because I do n't really get enough exercise this time of the year I do n't
15 Perhaps it 's simply because they do n't really know how to go about it .
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