Example sentences of "an [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 Yet on the other hand surviving evidence tends to vindicate Richard Padley 's accusation , in the Fabian survey of evacuation , that Whitehall used the decentralised local government system to shirk its responsibilities ; the Ministry of Health and Board of Education , he maintained , doled out ‘ platitudinous ’ advice via circulars and adopted an attitude of complacency over the possibility of medical problems among evacuee children , such as malnutrition , head lice , impetigo , etc .
2 However , when demand is slack and there is an excess of supply over the demand for units , the bid price may equal the cancellation price .
3 In fact , if you have a cold greenhouse or well-lit shed , I think there is a good case for removing all containerised aquatic plants and overwintering them in trays just deep enough to allow an inch of water over the compost in the pots .
4 Bill Clinton 's defeat of George Bush in the US presidential elections cast an air of uncertainty over the talks .
5 Charles led an army of Neustrians over the western Pyrenees , while a further force levied from Austrasia , Lombardy and Burgundy , crossed the eastern Pyrenees .
6 Where the landlord is able to choose how to divide ownership and responsibility for a party structure it is suggested that the structure be divided between adjoining owners and that each owner have an easement of support over the other 's half .
7 The hourly rate for doctors called on occasionally was set at £93 , an increase of 12% over the old fee .
8 As an alternative to the cash dividend the Board is proposing that an enhanced scrip dividend is offered to shareholders whereby they may elect to receive new ordinary shares with a value of 10.65 pence per share , an increase of 50% over the proposed final cash dividend .
9 The Wallace Collection attracted a record 198,225 visitors in 1992 , an increase of 41% over the previous year
10 The 25th FAO conference in Rome in November 1989 adopted a regular budget of US$569,000,000 for 1990/91 , an increase of $77,000,000 over the previous biennium [ see p. 36957 ] .
11 While experience may show that certain tasks were not as good discriminators as others there is likely to be an abundance of evidence over the three-year period for teachers to use .
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