Example sentences of "as it is [adv] [verb] [coord] " in BNC.

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1 As it is thereby illustrated and developed its implications should clarify .
2 Plasticine is a good medium for supporting all sizes of specimen as it is easily moulded and re-used .
3 If so , make a note on your file accordingly , as it is easily overlooked and your buyer client could end up being asked to pay that particular figure twice unless it is taken into account either at exchange of contracts or on completion .
4 This study show that continuous monitoring of the sodium concentration in gastric juice with a sodium ion selective electrode is a practical means of assessing fasting DGR , as it is well tolerated and suitable for ambulant use .
5 The strongest ecological difference is that between those who can accept whaling in principle so long as it is properly regulated and those who do not accept whaling in principle at all .
6 Silicone cancels out the problem as it is positively charged and leaves hair in a neutral state , adding smoothness and promoting shine .
7 ( Opposite below ) The first of the Class 47s — or Brush Type 4s as they were known when D1500 appeared in 1962 — still hard at work rom Gateshead depot in 1987. here No 47401 , as it is now numbered and carrying the name North Eastern which it both received and lost during the 1980s , nears Greenfield on a Trans-Pennine service , the 17.03 Liverpool to Newcastle on 19 June 1987 .
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