Example sentences of "had been [v-ing] for some years " in BNC.

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1 Reagan hammered away at themes which he had been developing for some years and which would be wheeled out every time he ran for public office .
2 Bernard and Laura escaped on to their sailing boat for much of the summer , a yacht they had been enjoying for some years now , and they pottered around Mykonos in Greece .
3 The London General Omnibus Company had been experimenting for some years and , in 1910 introduced to the streets of London , their ‘ B ’ type , petrol engined , double-decker , opened top buses .
4 It may also have been that the government was unwilling to lend further strength to the clamour for the reform of the Official Secrets Act ( which has now happened ) that had been mounting for some years .
5 The power of Chaos had been growing for some years .
6 Profits had been falling for some years ; investment collapsed suddenly in summer 1974 .
7 In practice Anglo-American co-operation had been increasing for some years , but this was now expanded .
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