Example sentences of "had been [vb pp] [prep] some time " in BNC.

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1 It had been recognised for some time that only through rationalisation into larger productive and distributive units could the movement overcome the damaging rivalries among societies in the same neighbourhood , and through economies of scale promote further growth .
2 The consultative document published in 1987 followed the principle that had been acknowledged for some time , drawing a distinction between essential items which were to remain free , and desirable but not essential items for which charges could be made , a distinction not in practice very easy to make .
3 Concern had been voiced for some time by the Office of Fair Trading ( OFT ) as to the restrictive practices maintained by the Stock Exchange :
4 Relations between the Meskhetians and the Uzbek majority had been strained for some time , largely as a result of the poor housing and other conditions in which the Meskhetians had been forced to remain ( many still lived in shanty towns , and levels of unemployment were higher than elsewhere in the republic ) .
5 When they had been seated for some time Titch said : ‘ I suppose you 've heard the news ? ’
6 The Battersea Congress of the Party , to which this complaint was later addressed , gave official backing to a scheme which had been projected for some time , a Revolutionary Trade Union Opposition to unite the various unofficial movements which had been growing up in many important unions .
7 At the northern end was a much lower , broader cone , Perboewetan , whose crater wall had been breached at some time in the past by a large lava flow .
8 There is little doubt also that within the DES the binary solution had been canvassed for some time , and throughout the life of the Robbins Committee interest in it was being shown in the Association of Teachers in Technical Institutes and elsewhere .
9 He had been observed for some time in the recovery unit as his central venous pressure and blood pressure were low .
10 He had a face that was both sensuous and battered — his nose had been broken at some time — with deep pouches under his dark eyes .
11 ‘ The house had been neglected for some time , ’ explains Pauline .
12 This problem in combining general relativity and the uncertainty principle had been suspected for some time , but was finally confirmed by detailed calculations in 1972 .
13 The need for regulatory change had been mooted for some time .
14 Professor Seymour-Strachey had been retired for some time now , and had left Grimsby .
15 That system had been intended for some time .
16 It had been known for some time that relations between Stephenson and Villa were strained because of the player 's insistence on living in his home-town of Newcastle , and several clubs , keen to secure him , were watching the situation closely .
17 The squinch had been known for some time and was used in Persia , Turkestan , Armenia and Asia Minor .
18 He had a good look at it and said part of the pedestal had been mended at some time which took away a lot of the value .
19 When somebody had been convicted of the offence , or no other offences had been committed for some time , the names were removed from the police station notice board — the police needed the space there — and put in a file or destroyed .
20 Over 40,000 people staged a demonstration in Buenos Aires on Dec. 30 against the decision , which had been forecast for some time .
21 Some would argue that the real problem lies in the fact that shares had been overvalued for some time , and that prices were likely to fall , and that the above events provided the impetus .
22 The third had been expected for some time .
23 The serial numbers suggest that a large number had been issued at some time , the rate from Craven Arms to Bishop 's Castle was ¼d as against 1/11d for an ordinary Third Class ticket .
24 In 1987 , 233 had been admitted at some time into the prison hospital .
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