Example sentences of "had [vb pp] [pron] [prep] the same " in BNC.

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1 Miss Scrimgeour had received one at the same time .
2 Sarah told Maureen that she had received one by the same post .
3 The devil had booked them into the same room .
4 She projected a kind of agelessness , which had made her at the same time an object of attention from both the Young Women 's Fitness Class and the Over-50s Club .
5 If he had played me at the same age he 'd have given me three blacks start and a beating .
6 It had reduced him to the same level , just another anonymous treatment that her body had required .
7 On the night the piece was shown in August 1990 , and the following day , Thames Television ran a Help Line staffed by experienced money advisers for viewers who had found themselves in the same situation as Sue and Tony .
8 After an initial hesitation in December that lasted no more than forty-eight hours , the King 's sense of fair play had led him to the same conclusion .
9 Years of sunlight had tanned him to the same mahogany brown as the island fishermen .
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