Example sentences of "they [modal v] just [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I think they 'll just buy a strip anyway .
2 The adventurers can just take the damage and shut the door behind them ; the puppets wo n't follow , they 'll just hurl a torrent of abuse at the cowardly adventurers .
3 Women seem fearful of becoming too friendly with a single mother ; fearful that if they spend too much time with her , they might just get a taste for something that is denied them .
4 On the twelfth floor of the hotel , from which they could just get a view of the distant river , they were delighted with their prosperous-looking aunt .
5 If they would just cooperate a bit .
6 erm Somebody on this morning 's course said that they quite like answering machines , they use them like note pads , and they ring up people they know have got an answering machine so they can just leave a message , they say it 's quicker than writing a letter , and it 's easier than talking to them for hours , you can just ring them up and leave a message on their answering machine like a sort of note pad , which I had n't thought of , but I suppose it 's rather good , is n't it !
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