Example sentences of "they 'll [adv] [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The POA says previous appeals for extra staff have fallen on deaf ears ; if the same happens this time , they fear they 'll soon have a riot on their hands .
2 But they 're slippery customers and they 'll probably find a way .
3 Not much to look forward to so they 'll probably like a bit of excitement .
4 I think they 'll just buy a strip anyway .
5 The adventurers can just take the damage and shut the door behind them ; the puppets wo n't follow , they 'll just hurl a torrent of abuse at the cowardly adventurers .
6 But they 'll also do a meal for four in your own home .
7 After a moment 's reflection , however , Jonadab went on , ‘ They 'll never miss a couple o' pairs .
8 " They 'll never get a fox to leave . "
9 To , well to run them now , they 'll still take a week to come back , even if they do run them today ,
10 I know in our case , and therefore probably in a lot that it is n't always possible , they 'll always find a way in , but if there was some perhaps advice to people it might bring down this number of complaints , that you could perhaps do before the wasp season begins , I do n't know whether that 's a possibility or not .
11 And then they 'll all have a shock when they do n't get a piece .
12 Yeah , then they 'll all have a go at her .
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