Example sentences of "at a time when [adj] [n mass] " in BNC.

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1 They were produced at a time when lay people were being targeted for instruction in ways which further fostered their consciousness as individuals with self-defining choices to be made by the programme for revitalising the mission of the Church instituted by the fourth Lateran Council in 1215 .
2 It remains something of a surprise that at a time when conserving species diversity is valued so highly , so little priority is given to listing the basics of what species there are to be conserved or lost .
3 The result has been an expansion in diesel motoring at a time when other sales have been down .
4 Asked if he accepted Mr Hume 's word , Mr Trimble replied : ‘ I think a very serious question-mark — I am sorry to say — has to be placed against Mr Hume 's motives , because he is persisting in talking to republican paramilitaries at a time when other people are anxious to see positive dialogue taking place . ’
5 Because of problems with disparate styles of music , however , an occasional Sunday afternoon service is held at a time when white people who are committed to this kind of outreach are free to attend .
6 At a time when important people wore swords as a matter of course , the assumption that the strong ruled the weak was natural enough .
7 Brought up at a time when military aircraft would have seemed a fantasy , he later became an expert on one of the most complicated of signal functions , air-land co-operation .
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