Example sentences of "he [modal v] just [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 He admits he might just prefer a boy but does n't really care ‘ as long as everything 's all right . ’
2 WHILE Craig Chalmers revealed in this paper earlier this week that he might just have a chance of being put on standby for the forthcoming British Lions tour , he is now more upbeat about the prospects of that happening .
3 Nobody wanted to stroke a Gnome , except perhaps another Gnome , He thought he might just have a word with Caspar to see if Fenella could be brought along to his , Inchbad 's , bed that very night .
4 And even now , as he never has time off for spending the twenty-something quid a week they 'll dish him for the one-hundred-and-twenty-hour stint he puts in most weeks , he could just afford a wife and kid .
5 When he stood up he could just see a fire engine as if on the high seas diving and heaving towards him .
6 Though he was a little surprised , he smiled and said with alacrity that he could just use a cup of coffee , and he lounged after her as she bustled around the kitchen .
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