Example sentences of "he [modal v] [adv] have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 He may also have a contact man in each functional department responsible for co-ordination and monitoring of the work within the department .
2 He may well have a point .
3 He may even have a right to have it .
4 If the seller can not maintain an action under section 49 , he may still have a claim for damages which he can bring under section 50 ‘ where the buyer wrongfully neglects or refuses to accept and pay for the goods . ’
5 He wants a machine with intelligence ; he must therefore have a man .
6 His uncle 's birthday was noted , he must always have a Christmas present bought and sent in good time .
7 He 'll doubtless have a go back , but that is just typical of any battle for a striker and defender . ’
8 But he 'll never have a mortgage .
9 When she glanced at him again he looked very grim and she wondered if she should have told Mitch that he might well have a lot of opportunity to photograph Spain — on foot as he walked back to Málaga .
10 WHILE Craig Chalmers revealed in this paper earlier this week that he might just have a chance of being put on standby for the forthcoming British Lions tour , he is now more upbeat about the prospects of that happening .
11 Nobody wanted to stroke a Gnome , except perhaps another Gnome , He thought he might just have a word with Caspar to see if Fenella could be brought along to his , Inchbad 's , bed that very night .
12 Hilary Seymour-Strachey had readily agreed , for , though he had not his brother 's absorbing and exclusive interest in money — still , he always had a use for it , and the thought was beginning to occur to him that he might soon have a woman and child to support , in addition to himself .
13 He could always have a relapse later if necessary .
14 as if he 'd even have a chance of it anyway
15 ( I sha n't — he said he 'd rather have a drawing of mine , in any case . )
16 And that Ernie being a real good slaughterman , I mean , after Tuesday morning he 'd always have a bullock
17 Within a couple of months Constanze was pregnant , and Mozart realized that he would soon have a family to support on what was still a precarious income .
18 After the delivery , he would always have a cup of tea .
19 For instance , if the interviewer is carrying out an interview with an old inhabitant of a village to try to find out what the community life was like 50 years ago he will probably have a set of categories for enquiry .
20 He is brave and determined , if he can not overcome God 's power he will certainly have a go at annoying him .
21 he can only have a siesta
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