Example sentences of "he have [adv] [vb pp] back to " in BNC.

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1 He has even gone back to old techniques .
2 ( In good humour he has already turned back to the mime : the two SPIES awaiting execution at the hands of the PLAYER ) Audiences know what to expect , and that is all that they are prepared to believe in .
3 he has now gone back to Little , Brown lock , stock and backlist , and LB is mighty pleased .
4 He glanced towards Grégoire , knowing that happiness sprang from him ; he had brought Edouard love ; he had also given back to him a sense of purpose .
5 As he had finally got back to Mrs Lorimer 's and was washing his face , he was wondering how much of the dirty water of the drug scene had washed over Rose and Steve .
6 ‘ My family were Huguenots , my lady , and therefore unwanted in la belle France , ’ D'Alembord 's contemptuous scorn for France made the Countess bridle , but he had already turned back to Lucille .
7 Usually , what with shooting and swimming with the others and riding up at Biddy 's , he had only got back to the garden shed in time to flake out until morning .
8 ‘ As I heard it , my lord , he 's already gone back to Hereford . ’
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