Example sentences of "he have [adv] [vb pp] back [prep] " in BNC.

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1 He has just come back from Canada and he will go back to Canada . ’
2 He has even gone back to old techniques .
3 ( In good humour he has already turned back to the mime : the two SPIES awaiting execution at the hands of the PLAYER ) Audiences know what to expect , and that is all that they are prepared to believe in .
4 he has now gone back to Little , Brown lock , stock and backlist , and LB is mighty pleased .
5 He 'd never settled back into civilian life , and after telling his family at Wood Burcote in Northamptonshire that he was going camping in France , wrote to say he 'd enlisted with the Croats .
6 He was glad Rebel had gone off towards the road , though he had probably run back by now for the loaf .
7 He glanced towards Grégoire , knowing that happiness sprang from him ; he had brought Edouard love ; he had also given back to him a sense of purpose .
8 As he had finally got back to Mrs Lorimer 's and was washing his face , he was wondering how much of the dirty water of the drug scene had washed over Rose and Steve .
9 For a moment , the sergeant had that same sense of disorientation when the lights went up at the end of an afternoon programme in the cinema and he felt he had just flown back from another world .
10 ‘ My family were Huguenots , my lady , and therefore unwanted in la belle France , ’ D'Alembord 's contemptuous scorn for France made the Countess bridle , but he had already turned back to Lucille .
11 Usually , what with shooting and swimming with the others and riding up at Biddy 's , he had only got back to the garden shed in time to flake out until morning .
12 But she still did n't have any idea why he had suddenly barged back into her life like this .
13 He 's just come back from holiday , and starts school today . ’
14 He 's just come back from Australia
15 No he 's just come back from Tunisia on holiday so he 'll need it .
16 He 's just come back from Belize erm , and he 's they 're , they 're posted to Germany and they leave tomorrow .
17 ‘ As I heard it , my lord , he 's already gone back to Hereford . ’
18 He 's only gone back for
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