Example sentences of "be [vb pp] [prep] a long [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Also , the slow course of the disease implied that any drug would have to be given for a long time in order to be effective and so would have to be particularly harmless to patients .
2 Acyclovir may be given on a long term basis to people with HIV who have had an attack of shingles , or have frequent attacks of herpes simplex .
3 Also , employers are constantly employing new staff so the return on selection has to be calculated over a longer period of time to get a true picture of the effects of selection methods .
4 And this states erm that Its effectiveness erm must be must be considered as a long term rather than a short term objective .
5 For a start , it allows spreading to be carried over a longer period during the winter months ( Table 1 ) .
6 Such accommodation can often be let on a long lease or sold to raise a capital sum .
7 Historians will be occupied for a long time to come in determining the exact balance and interaction of forces — including , to mention only the more obvious , the economic disaster of the Second World War , the rise of America , and the development of nationalism — which contributed to Britain 's imperial demise .
8 Luke , she knew , would be occupied for a long time yet , drinking coffee with the other women , talking over the day , helping to cement working relationships for the future .
9 Basilican churches continued to be built for a long time but many variations of form developed , with one dominant theme : a dome , or domes over an open space below .
10 As your child puts together the 50 chunky pieces , each new bit of the picture will encourage him to talk to you about what he sees — be prepared for a long conversation !
11 They also may not be prepared for a long walk to a phone .
12 Corners can be cut on flowers and remember , the flowers at the reception are going to be seen for a longer time than those in the church .
13 This increase , however , needs to be seen in a longer time-scale .
14 Fuller justice to these topics , as well as the ape language experiments and various glottogonic theories , is to be done in a longer study . )
15 Although Wilson was undoubtedly sympathetic to the WEA he left East Suffolk on appointment as Secretary for Education in Shropshire and was succeeded by Leslie Missen who , at that time , knew little about the WEA and the discussions with the LEA had to be framed within a longer time-scale than Jacques had originally planned .
16 However , since only the continued path from naming can be matched to a long word , the path from name is discontinued ( without storing the short word he on the word graph ) .
17 If there are several competing paths , only those paths that can be matched to long words are continued , and a short word will only be retrieved from the buffer if none of the possible paths can be matched to a long word .
18 A behavioural response is strengthened when it has an increased probability of occurring ( frequency ) or when it is likely to be performed for a longer period of time ( duration ) .
19 However , composers very frequently use a free ordering of the note-material at such points : This is an excellent method of serial usage , and because it can produce a varied horizontal flow of notes in each part , a single version of a series can be used for a long piece ( Luigi Nono 's choral-orchestral work Il canto sospeso , for example , is written entirely with one series , never transposed and always in its ‘ O ’ form ) .
20 Does my hon. Friend agree that when such councils involve constitutional amendments to the treaty as well as , as always , substantial business for the Heads of Government to transact , some new formula should be produced whereby meetings could be scheduled for a longer period ?
21 Sean Murray of Philip Morris said that their considerable arts programme will not be affected for a long time , and that the legislation is designed to prohibit brand promotion , not corporate publicity .
22 The run-down was to be stretched over a longer period and the agreed strength raised from Sandys ’ proposed 45,000 to 55,000 .
23 Their hard work , efficiency and friendliness helped to produce a day which will be remembered for a long time by all those who took part .
24 If you look at a bar code it will normally be accompanied by a long number ( usually eight or thirteen digits long ) .
25 However , if there are further operations requiring less secondary information , then another instruction format can be provided with a longer operation code field .
26 I had decided that I had to face up to the fact that John might not come back or he might be gone for a long time and that when he did come back we might not love one another .
27 Did you say to her , I 'm going out to re I 'm going out and I may be gone for a long time .
28 It seems to be gone for a long time .
29 John Maddox , the editor of Nature , wrote in 1982 : ‘ The OED is uniquely a data base … , which will suggest to many that it should by now be stored on a long reel of magnetic tape , floppy disks , or some other means of data storage .
30 There is no fixed investment period for a PEP although , to get the full benefit , it should be viewed as a longer term investment , ideally for a minimum period of between 5 and 10 years .
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