Example sentences of "you have [adv] [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I did n't know , ’ he went on , ‘ that you 'd already gone back to England .
2 One Sunday at the Trocadero the chief circle usher said to me , ‘ I think you 'd better come up to the back circle , Gents , we 've got a bloke behaving obscenely . ’
3 ‘ I think you 'd better come up to my room , ’ she mimicked again .
4 Look , when you 've finished eating I think you 'd better come up to cabin 10 and get it sorted out .
5 ‘ Well , you 'd better come up to my office and we 'll talk things over . ’
6 They asked me a few questions and they said , ‘ You 'd better come along to the police station . ’
7 You 'd better come back in the house and dry your shoes and socks , ’ said Betty .
8 It 's pretty hard to think about that when you 've just gone out of a Grand Slam event as early as that .
9 What about Timo Metsola 's electronics outfit in Finland — where you 've just flown back from ?
10 ‘ You look ravishing — as if you 've just stepped out of Botticelli 's painting , Primavera , ’ he murmured .
11 Wow , he plays drums — multi-talented ! ’ and you 've just grown up with it and it 's no big deal .
12 Well first of all , can I actually correct some of the gross prejudices and inaccuracies that you 've just sent out across the air , which are , frankly , extremely unhelpful .
13 You 've just got back from Rhodes , we hear . ’
14 You 've just come out on my side of the argument .
15 And here you are , in your own house , and looking like you 've just come out of solitary . ’
16 And Anna Freud said , okay that 's what you called it , but supposing we had to look what you 've just described up in a dictionary , what word would be found ?
17 You know you th either come back and they 're embracing each other and cuddling and there 're a few tears and everything and er everything 's hunkydory and you start traipsing back in with all the bloody stuff you 've just brought out from beforehand you see .
18 That baggage you 've just taken on to help in the bedroom wears one like that and ties her apron right up under her breasts till they nearly pop out , beggin' your pardon , Mr Timothy .
19 You 've nearly grown out of those trousers
20 ‘ And you 've never grown out of it , have you ?
21 You 've never got up to your proper weight again since the — since — since you — you know . ’
22 And as often as you tell yourself she 's not your type , that you do n't like blondes , your taste tends towards the browns , even redheads but not blondes , no ; and what 's more , her face is round , but you do n't like round faces ; and you 've always gone in for a bit of shape and she 's flat as a pancake .
23 Windows and its applications are notorious for the creation of temporary files — if you 've ever crashed out of Windows you may have seen files with the extension .
24 If you 've ever looked up at a stage and seen a strange device with an illuminated spinning dial and wondered what it was , chances are it was a strobe tuner .
25 Neither the size of the orchestras nor the size of the stage seems to have deterred you from staging major works by Verdi — Un ballo in maschera , for instance , which you 've now come back to after fifty years — Wagner , and Strauss .
26 We got votes against our proposals with no reasons given at all , you 've now got down to the point of having no reasons at all for opposing what we want to do .
27 ‘ If you were , you 've certainly made up for it since .
28 Well , you 've certainly got off to a cracking start , mocked a small ironic voice inside her .
29 You had best come up on deck if you are to be sick .
30 You had better come up to Lady Merchiston , ’ Theda said , leading the way to the stairs .
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