Example sentences of "go so far as to claim [that] " in BNC.

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1 He goes so far as to claim that this form of control is now ‘ characteristic of the majority of enterprises in the USA and Britain ’ , thereby denying the predominance of the management control form .
2 Cranmer indeed went so far as to claim that : ‘ where the word of God was adversary and against his authority , pomp , covetousness , idolatry and superstitious doctrine , he [ the pope ] , spying this , became adversary unto the word of God , falsifying it , extorting it out of the true sense . ’
3 In a passage which reads very oddly indeed today and betrays his naïveté , Durkheim even went so far as to claim that such was the depressing degree of homogeneity in primitive society that its members were actually physically indistinguishable from each other !
4 The CPSU Central Committee , reviewing these developments in the early 1970s , went so far as to claim that a ‘ new historical collectivity of people — the Soviet people ’ had come into existence in the USSR , based upon the ‘ common ownership of the means of production , unity of economic , socio-political and cultural life , Marxist-Leninist ideology , and the interests and communist ideals of the working class ’ .
5 Although Johnson does not go so far as to claim that the affectless society was responsible for the Moors Murders , she does feel able to argue that the general atmosphere in society at the time had ‘ infected ’ the social system , and that ‘ Brady possibly , Hindley almost certainly , have been victims of fallout ’ .
6 One such protagonist has recently gone so far as to claim that Aristotle 's Phantasmata — the mental images that are involved in most or all mental activities — are identical with the symbols on which computational procedures are carried out .
7 One theorist has gone so far as to claim that ‘ the viability of the large corporation with diffuse security ownership is … explained in terms of a model where primary disciplining of managers comes through managerial labor markets , both within and outside of the firm ’ .
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