Example sentences of "measure of control over the " in BNC.

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1 Even when industries were not state owned there were various other instruments by which government actually exercised a large measure of control over the private sector .
2 The second priority will be the division of your holding into a number of main blocks , depending upon your acreage , to give you a measure of control over the grazing of your pastures , to separate groups of stock ( e.g. rams from ewes ) , and to shut off fields for hay or arable crops .
3 The secondary ( vertical ) line is used to fire the shutter and also exercises a measure of control over the kite train .
4 If they were both to preserve a measure of control over the wage structure in a capitalist economy and to win adequate state pensions for their members , then a retirement condition was inevitable .
5 The vital role ( which contemporaries fully appreciated ) played by such relatively small ports as Le Crotoy , at the mouth of the river Somme , in the period 1420–50 , together with the fact that the ports of Dieppe and Harfleur were among the first places to be snatched from English control in 1435 ( leaving them with Cherbourg as the only port from which they could maintain regular links with England between 1435 and 1440 , a vital period in the military history of the occupation ) , shows how important the Burgundian connection was to both main protagonists as they struggled to acquire and maintain a measure of control over the sea .
6 A court must be able to exercise some measure of control over the cases which are brought before it , to prevent injustice to either party and to ensure that the various issues can be fully and effectively dealt with .
7 Among positive rights , we should include the rights : to have all one 's experience and knowledge assessed in the admissions process ; to determine the subjects studied ; to have a legitimate measure of control over the pace and the methods of study ; to be able to follow a particular academic interest , or develop a point of view of one 's own ; to be examined in ways which do justice to the student 's achievements ; and to be credited with those parts of a course which have been passed successfully ( should the student wish or need to move to another institution , or to take a break in the programme of study ) .
8 Its directors had to sustain wars in Asia , try to devise means of governing newly conquered Indian provinces , and cope with the demands of the national government and of Parliament for an ever greater measure of control over the Company .
9 Lastly , a charge affords a chargee a measure of control over the business of the debtor company .
10 Fourth , the holder of a floating charge will have some measure of control over the company even without taking any steps to enforce it .
11 Thus we require participatory democracy to give the individual a real measure of control over the life and structure of his/her environment .
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