Example sentences of "gone to the trouble of " in BNC.

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1 Senior mandarins had gone to the trouble of finding accommodation for Labour 's promised Ministry for Women .
2 Who had gone to the trouble of making such notes ?
3 At any rate , it was difficult to see that the FAA had any good reason not to implement the very important recommendations made by their own US investigating authority , the NTSB , after the Windsor accident , especially as the RLD had gone to the trouble of flying to Los Angeles to make their point .
4 Numerous trials have evaluated the various procedures performed during pregnancy and labour ( Iain Chalmers has even gone to the trouble of collating them ) but very few of these ideas have changed obstetric practice .
5 You might then find that having gone to the trouble of preparing a good speech and a joke just in case , you decide that you might as well give the speech anyway !
6 " He could have given me a ticking off , considering that he 'd gone to the trouble of telling me that you were coming .
7 She was being carried at considerably over the legal speed-limit towards an unknown destination — and quite possibly what a Victorian heroine would have regarded as a ‘ fate worse than death ’ , since she could hardly imagine that Luke had gone to the trouble of virtually kidnapping her in order to spend a quiet weekend playing Scrabble .
8 ‘ And , ’ he pursued pleasantly , ‘ I certainly had n't guessed that you had actually gone to the trouble of speculating on my reactions — to illness or to anything else , ’ he added quietly .
9 I 'd even gone to the trouble of finding a real piece of rattan jog — the dried bark which gives a deep red colour to the dish — in the fifth Punjabi deli I 'd tried .
10 I wonder how many times in the past , when you 've been staying here , you 've gone to the trouble of escorting Kirsty to school ? ’
11 I was led into all these commitments in a very friendly and deferential spirit , and in a similar spirit of friendship and hospitality I was invited to numerous social engagements , from impressive lunch in honour of the Minister of Education to an invitation to a private home in Jaipur , where my kind host and hostess had gone to the trouble of preparing sandwiches , cake , chips ( without the fish ) and pudding , in case I should not like the Indian dishes served for the other guests !
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