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1 Among the various characteristics of these technologies which Blauner identifies we highlight three here : the changing skill requirements , the worker 's sense of control over the work process , and changes in the meaningfulness of work — these last two characteristics being , to a very large extent , a product of the social relationships which the worker has with management and the end-user of the product being made .
2 In both craft and continuous-flow production the worker has a sense of control over the work process , claims Blauner .
3 you may gain a sense of control over the ways in which HIV could affect you , your partner and your family
4 Set against these developments , soccer hooliganism may be interpreted as ‘ attempts by certain sections of the class to assert some inarticulate , but keenly experienced sense of control over the game that was theirs ’ ( Taylor , 1971a:163 ) .
5 To grasp the mystic significance of numbers — for instance , the two poles of Solomon 's litter , and the four struts that supported its canopy — was to acquire ( as some wielders of power in modern times have done through astrology ) a sense of control over the contemporary world : to explain the failure of some policies , to plan and time others more effectively .
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