Example sentences of "known all over the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Do n't be so modest , Archie , ’ said Robins , adding for my benefit , ‘ The colonel is responsible for all manner of things — the daily radio link — ‘ the sked ’ as it 's known all over the Pacific-crime and punishment , what happens if the electricity breaks down . ’
2 Max Jacob was homosexual , trying desperately to look distinguished in his top hat , evening dress , spats and monocle , whilst Modi 's affairs with women were known all over the quarter .
3 The result of committing the breach would be known all over the neighbourhood and seriously affect the value of the premises .
4 ‘ There are about 90 teams in the competition , so the Company 's gesture will be known all over the county .
5 Møns Klint , known all over the world , as famous in their way as the White Cliffs of Dover , would have been bound to find favour with the Hulsbys .
6 Party night : This is an extremely happy night , hosted by the Mayrhofen Trio who are well known all over the world ; in fact , they represented Austria at the Olympic Games .
7 ‘ What were known all over the world as ‘ English gardens ’ were the most pervasive influence that England ever had on the European way of life' , wrote Lord Clark .
8 This massive , muscular breed is now known all over the world and over the last quarter of a century it has seen herdbooks or breed societies established in 24 countries in addition to France ( Argentina , Australia , Belgium , Brazil , Canada , Denmark , Finland , Germany , Hungary , Ireland , Japan , Mexico , the Netherlands , Norway , Paraguay , Portugal , South Africa , Spain , Sweden , the UK , the USSR , the USA , Uruguay and Zimbabwe ) .
9 A. The high reputation of Sheffield cutlery is known all over the world .
10 One day the troubles in Northern Ireland will be known all over the world , and the British will have to listen to us .
11 And th th th they 're known all over the world .
12 Old Mother Jacobsen — as she was affectionately known all over the island — was in her late nineties , and she was blind .
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