Example sentences of "found all over the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps one of the best subjects about which to exercise one 's imagination , and any detective urge one may have , is the standing stones , which are to be found all over the island singly , in groups or in one case in an ellipse .
2 But it does n't mean to say that you are sending somebody who says he 's a Conservative , going to support a Conservative government , and the moment he gets there is to be found all over the place .
3 Species superficially resembling Terebratula maxima may be found all over the world in rocks going back at least to the Jurassic period .
4 Firms of English solicitors are to be found all over the world , while at home , complex legislation , the increasing need for financial services and growing domestic demand has led to a growth in the need for solicitors .
5 If implemented , we face the danger of replacing what little uniqueness is left of the Royal Mile with a commonplace traffic engineers ' solution that can be found all over the world .
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