Example sentences of "go [adv] far as [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 Nay , they even go so far as to lay odds that before Christmas he lands a force in England or Ireland .
2 Some biologists go so far as to see DNA as a device used by organisms to reproduce themselves , just as an eye is a device used by organisms to see !
3 Indeed , if we go so far as to see externalization as inevitably bringing the ego into conflict with reality , then we might conclude that many modern neuroses — perhaps the most severe ones — are likely to become para-psychoses : that is , neurotic conflicts expressing themselves in the language of psychosis .
4 We go so far as to say that in choice of partner it is a wise unconscious that falls in love with and marries its own unrecognized problem and then in marriage recreates the problematic situation .
5 SSL is claimed to be very difficult for ( hearing ) adults to learn ; some go so far as to say that it is impossible .
6 In fact some pro-choice advocates go so far as to deny that abortion is a moral issue at all — a favourite slogan for a while was ‘ abortion is a health issue , not a moral issue ’ .
7 Some even go so far as to link its emergence to the coming of reggae music to Britain , circa 1970 , and the first reggae film widely seen in Britain , Perry Henzell 's ( 1972 ) The Harder They Come starring Jimmy Cliff .
8 Many manufacturers wo n't allow you to remove the machine 's case without automatically voiding your warranty : some go so far as to put seals over the case so they can tell if you 've opened it .
9 Some farmers even go so far as to grow continuous cereal crops indefinitely — barley on the lighter land and winter wheat on the strong clays .
10 They treat their women like mules and they fornicate with animals ; indeed in this respect they are so jealous that they go so far as to attach chastity belts to their mares and mules .
11 Even so , if you consider the pressures contingent on me that night , you may not think I delude myself unduly if I go so far as to suggest that I did perhaps display , in the face of everything , at least in some modest degree a ‘ dignity ’ worthy of someone like Mr Marshall — or come to that , my father .
12 Barr et al ( 1989 ) go so far as to suggest that ‘ if the receiving hospital is allowed to ‘ dump ’ excess capacity by charging no more than short-term marginal cost it will , in effect , be ‘ stealing ’ part of another District 's budget ’ .
13 Some interpretations of modern astrophysics go so far as to suggest that a conscious observer is necessary for the physical universe to exist at all — the observed needs an observer .
14 The propagandists go so far as to assume , even to assert , that it would not result in any splitting of the party vote : in other words that votes transferred from Dandy or Deadman or Doughty would go to another of these three running-mates and not elsewhere .
15 Will my right hon. Friend go as far as to say that we definitely intend in the fulness of time to bring in legislation and , I hope , include in the legislation the provision that there should be at least one employee representative among pension fund trustees ?
16 go as far as to say we probably know less about what 's going on than he does .
17 Could death education ever go this far as to teach the bereaved how to dig a grave and incidentally earn a discount ?
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