Example sentences of "lack of control over [art] " in BNC.

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1 However , as with other renewables the lack of control over the matching of electrical output to demand is a disadvantage .
2 The corollary of the possession of power by companies is that the individuals , interest groups , and communities affected by it suffer a lack of control over the conditions which determine how they live their lives .
3 It has been suggested that the lack of control over the system of payment by the Ministry of Health has created ‘ monumental distortions and fraud . ’
4 If a third party has harmed the child , therefore , the statutory criteria will only be met if a reasonable parent would have acted to prevent the harm or was unable to do so because of his lack of control over the child .
5 The explosive power of volcanos is proof if ever it was needed , of man 's lack of control over the environment .
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