Example sentences of "it is commonly assumed that " in BNC.

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1 It is commonly assumed that the strategy of ‘ area bombing ’ — indiscriminate attacks on largely civilian target ‘ areas ’ , usually in city centres — failed in its express aim of undermining and destroying the morale and will to resist of the German people and instead merely stimulated such an intense hatred of the enemy that the bonds between regime and people were strengthened , not weakened .
2 It is commonly assumed that this is widespread and costs enormous sums of money , and that it is a more serious offence than tax-evasion , which in fact costs the exchequer billions of pounds , far in excess of the cost of social security fiddling .
3 A long tradition associates the organ with Christian worship and it is commonly assumed that every church has one .
4 It is commonly assumed that it is impossible to change this state of affairs , but the Guild of Food Writers believes it can be done , and that it is all-important , even vital , to do so , says Claudia Roden , its vice chairman .
5 It is commonly assumed that British black children speak a variety of English indistinguishable from the local white norm .
6 Although it is commonly assumed that these tests reflect compliance with the diatary treatment , this has never really been proved for ingestion of small amounts of gluten .
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