Example sentences of "set [adv prt] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Set up at the same time as Plowden , with the same terms of reference and some overlap of membership , this report shared Plowden 's philosophy of education , and reached similar general conclusions .
2 With much wider powers than its predecessor , the Secondary Examinations Council ( SEC ) , SEAC is also heir to the recommendations of another of the Secretary of State 's ad hoc working parties , the Task Group on Assessment and Testing ( TGAT ) which was set up at the same time as the first curriculum working groups and , like them , worked under enormous pressure to produce proposals for the assessment of the National Curriculum .
3 Even , I 've never seen it all set up at the same time .
4 A profound depression set in at the same time , despite the fact that she knew her bowel symptoms could now be controlled quite easily .
5 These authorities are presided over by the National Water Council , set up at the same time to be a central co-ordinating body to give advice on major matters of policy ( Times , 1978 ) .
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