Example sentences of "never [been] [vb pp] [prep] this [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I take that view because the point has never been decided by this court or in the House of Lords and , as I have explained above , this court , in considering whether private corporations can sue for libel at common law , has not laid down any principle which is conclusive of the point raised in this case .
2 England have never been beaten in this contest against Scotland , Wales and Ireland .
3 He was a , got a record number of goals for Walsall in the season , it 's never been broken to this day erm .
4 Although it is common knowledge that dogs have been extensively employed in times of war , most people imagine that the cat has never been exploited in this way .
5 Such assiduous attention has never been directed at this market before .
6 ‘ I was annoyed that I 'd never been told about this illness in England ’ , says Leslie .
7 It has never been equalled on this scale .
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