Example sentences of "great [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 Castile itself had been named after the fortresses built along the border between Christian and Moslem Spain , and essentially those who held these castles held the greatest degree of control over the lands on either side .
2 Alas , the great mass of weight over the tail also meant that , at high speed on damp surfaces , the 911 had a habit of disappearing off roads , backside first .
3 Black Holes are fascinating , and have caused a great deal of excitement over the past 20 years .
4 People had been staging revolutions without a great deal of success over the years and it was seventy percent of the people who were disadvantaged was n't it ?
5 Interactive Systems Corp — now SunSoft Inc — began by marketing the product strongly , but later faced a barrage of complaints and problems over speed and stability , and reportedly lost a great deal of money over the venture .
6 Interim reporting has been attracting a great deal of attention over the past year .
7 In conclusion , we believe that our study avoided the methodological and analytical problems of previous reports , which have given rise to a great deal of controversy over the efficacy of EFA supplementation in AD .
8 The Bank of England has a great deal of power over the financial markets because of its role as lender of last resort .
9 Its directors had to sustain wars in Asia , try to devise means of governing newly conquered Indian provinces , and cope with the demands of the national government and of Parliament for an ever greater measure of control over the Company .
10 LDCs ' governments also insisted on domestically-generated funds being used to finance economic development programmes and thus sought a greater degree of control over the operations of British banks .
11 The House of Commons was moving forward to assert a greater degree of control over the colonies than before ; partly to evade this , William created a Board of Trade and Plantations , made up of civil servants and privy councillors , that was unlikely to pay much more attention to the Commons than its predecessor , the Lords of Trade , had done .
12 Since this case law was developed in the context of the exercise of delegated powers by the Commission , it would seem highly unlikely that the Court would wish to exercise a greater degree of control over the exercise of original legislative power by the Council of Ministers .
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