Example sentences of "although it [is] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Although it is generally assumed that the free movement of persons within the European Community will increase the impact of ‘ international crime ’ on the internal security problems of the Member States and that more intensive and more effective law enforcement co-operation will be required , there is uncertainty about how better co-ordination can be achieved .
2 Experts continue to disagree about how to extrapolate from one to the other , although it is generally accepted that even the smallest dose carries a health risk .
3 Although it is generally accepted that the globular domain of H1 or H5 binds to the exit and entry points of nucleosomal DNA , there are currently many conflicting models for the detailed picture of how this is achieved .
4 Although it is generally supposed that the first truly mechanical escapement was of the verge-and-foliot type found in various church clocks throughout Europe , the earliest escapement of which we have definite detailed knowledge is that of the clock designed for the Abbey of St Albans c.1328 by Richard of Wallingford ( c.1292–1336 ) , the son of a blacksmith , who became Abbot in 1327 .
5 The point being made is that although it is ultimately envisaged that the EC will be similar to the USA with each member country being akin to a state and it even being billed as the ‘ United States of Europe ’ , is it a reality when one considers differences in attitude , culture , language and even religion ?
6 Although it is widely believed that the Spanish encountered an almost pristine landscape in AD 1521 ( refs 1–3 ) , some archival and palaeolimnological studies have suggested that extensive land clearance began before European contact , during the Preclassic to Postclassic periods .
7 Although it is widely agreed that successful innovations need to couple R&D , manufacturing , and marketing activities to ensure that new products can be manufactured at reasonable cost and are attractive to consumers , it is not completely obvious that this means that all three activities always need to be conducted under the same roof .
8 Although it is clearly established that Nicholl served in the Grenadier Company , the wings are laced to the pattern of a Light Company .
9 Although it is repeatedly said that at common law a man must keep his fire ‘ at his peril , ’ research shows that we can not be sure that at any period in the history of the common law a man was absolutely liable for the escape of his fire .
10 Although it is sometimes realized that the demands of public sector accountability and decision making in a political context can serve to limit the extent to which concepts of efficiency derived from the private sector can be applied uncritically in the public sector domain , there nevertheless remains a feeling that much more could be done to improve resource utilisation .
11 The rights to Presley 's ‘ Sun ’ recordings were acquired by RCA Victor together with the rights to the artist , and although it is now known that the tapes in RCA Victor 's vault are not actually the 1955 originals , they are extremely good copies , and all have been reissued on compact disc .
12 Although it is obviously hoped that these accounts will be interesting as economic history , whatever they reveal about the working and role of government may also be relevant and applicable today .
13 Although it is commonly assumed that these tests reflect compliance with the diatary treatment , this has never really been proved for ingestion of small amounts of gluten .
14 Thus although it is commonly suggested that the notion of certainty is relevant to the analysis of claims to knowledge , but not to the analysis of knowledge itself ( e.g. , in Woozley , 1953 ) , this leaves us with no method of explaining why certainty should be required before one can claim knowledge when it is not required for knowledge itself , i.e. , for the existence of what one is claiming .
15 For although it is constantly argued that the police represent and are drawn from the community they serve , the cultural style required in the body of the police officer inevitably sets him slightly apart from the ‘ civvies ’ outside the institution , especially where such symbolic use of clothing and beards or hair is the province of the youthful innovator .
16 Although it is often assumed that these were one and the same battle , there is no evidence that Clovis fought at Zülpich , and it is possible that they were separate events .
17 Although it is often claimed that exercise has a beneficial psychological effect in its own right , the evidence for this is scanty and it is always difficult to separate the specific effect of exercise from the moral support and social contact which usually goes with it .
18 Although it is often claimed that the camera does not lie , when using old photographs for historical purposes pupils need to give attention to the processes involved in choosing a subject and taking a photograph .
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