Example sentences of "who have just [vb pp] [adv] of " in BNC.

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1 A middle-aged building worker who arrived at the palace — his first time in such a place — after his marriage had broken up , said , " I was a little bit disgusted , they do n't treat you as if you were just unemployed , they treat you like a person who has just crawled out of the gutter . "
2 A high powered Sierra was careering down a steep hill in Wotton under Edge.When the driver reached the bottom he lost control and ploughed into the women who 'd just got out of their parked cars .
3 They were the weavers followed by a few tottering sailors who had just come out of another tavern .
4 There was nothing visible downstairs where we were , so immediately went up the stairs at the side to the production level where the blast had come from , and there we met a group of people who had just come out of the control room and they were cut and suffering from shock 'cos the blast had obviously well it d nearly blown the control room apart .
5 It 'll change as you get older erm you wo n't necessarily just have that all the time we used to run these courses for students who had just come out of college and they were joining their company to work for the first first time and we used to do this and we used to find that many of the people who had just taken out the job for the first time had very very flat scores .
6 When Gilda heard what happened , she said , ‘ A man who 's just staggered out of a nasty relationship wants a bloody nursemaid at first , and then he wants to play the field for a bit .
7 Most faces have turned to watch the ā gri who 's just come out of the shrine and is standing in the doorway .
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