Example sentences of "who have just [vb pp] [adv] [art] " in BNC.

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1 It is typical of British tennis that Annabel Croft , who had not played a serious match for five years , should celebrate a light-hearted comeback by beating one of our brightest prospects who has just taken up the game professionally .
2 It is , therefore , worth bearing in mind that if you want a new tank , and have a friend who has just set up a new fish-house , you might do well to order through him/her …
3 A radio ham called Tony and an ambulance driver who had just picked up a man with bandaged fingers who was suffering from exposure .
4 At Festival time 1983 , Fania Williams , who had just taken over the Tron in Glasgow , asked me if I was interested in fairy tales .
5 It 'll change as you get older erm you wo n't necessarily just have that all the time we used to run these courses for students who had just come out of college and they were joining their company to work for the first first time and we used to do this and we used to find that many of the people who had just taken out the job for the first time had very very flat scores .
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