Example sentences of "as [pron] [verb] [pron] at [art] " in BNC.

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1 I was acting out the role of the good , courageous patient as I saw it at the time , while Mr Lennox was no doubt pleased to find me co-operative , free from despair and above all , unemotional .
2 As I told her at the time there were several possibilities . ’
3 He felt her slim shoulder move under the thick fabric of the tartan shirt , " as much as I know anything at the moment , that 's what I think I 'll be doing .
4 So it 's just simply to er comment about the the future work that 's gon na be done by Glanmole er , the work of investigation as I understand it at the end of that first section .
5 Er I think that , that my recollection of the last meeting was that if we could just knock together a Northumberland newsletter a unison newsletter that 's quite clearly coming from the three organizations that represent the membership in Northumberland it would be better than th this national stuff has one union on it , as I see it at the moment .
6 I am sure that the House will start to fill rapidly as I address it at the start of the second day of debate on the Bill .
7 He opened his arms as she joined him at the mirror .
8 It started finally at the third attempt , and Sabine was almost weeping as she threw it at the hill .
9 ‘ I 'll start with the facts as far as we know them at the moment . ’
10 I do n't say as good as we get it at the Club " — there was still a spark of spirit left in him — " but decidedly good . "
11 I have never quite understood why " Chesh " as we called him at the time , was the only person I selected for training with the Force that my Master vetoed ; my Master also vetoed the selection of Leonard to command No 35 Squadron in the early days of the Pathfinder Force and I was never able to establish why .
12 The challenge which Gandhi posed to the British , as they perceived it at the time , was not to their consciences but to their authority .
13 ‘ There are a hundred ways a firm can get rid of pollution into the river , ’ said an experienced officer , ‘ so long as they do it at the right time . ’
14 Ah , I think the Foreign Office was trying to pursue the only sensible policy as it perceived it at the time , right through the entire period , um , since 1965 .
15 She was overwhelmed by a mixture of terror and relief as he left her at the wheel and went forward to free the line .
16 The rest clambered into their saddles , and followed him unquestioningly as he led them at a canter downslope to where the hills opened out and patches of ground could be seen where the snow was melting .
17 His manner as he greeted her at the church door , then ushered her to her seat , did nothing to dispel her apprehension .
18 As he explained it at the briefings and again at his trial , three years later , ‘ The only people in the conflict in Nicaragua that are today buried beneath a cross are those that fight for the resistance .
19 She blew smoke serenely as he flicked it at the wall .
20 With his teeth chattering , his mouth bleeding and his hair flattened to his skull he could not have looked less appealing as he presented himself at the front door .
21 ‘ I 'll go in front as the standard bearer , ’ said Nigel as he placed himself at the head of his patrol .
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