Example sentences of "as [pron] [verb] [pron] [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 The friar turned as someone tapped him on the shoulder .
2 He gave me a self-conscious grin and then yelped as someone thumped him in the back .
3 As I disentangled myself from the green wool , I had been linked not only to these women beside me , but to those in Canaan and all the other women through the centuries who have wept over the death of the gods of life , of love , and of hope , whom they tried to revive with their tears .
4 And so on , as I get her to the bedroom and changed again and into bed .
5 As I get her into a fresh pair of rubber knickers I feel something cold on my face .
6 Apparently as long as I get it on a P C disk , five inch
7 I felt like a jaded casting director as I banished him to the wastepaper bin .
8 It is worlds apart from school as I knew it in the 1960s .
9 The following is a typical example of the character of the RAF as I saw it for the first time about a couple of months after I got to Baghdad .
10 I was acting out the role of the good , courageous patient as I saw it at the time , while Mr Lennox was no doubt pleased to find me co-operative , free from despair and above all , unemotional .
11 I knew as soon as I saw it in the garden sale catalogue , it was unmistakeable . ’
12 So down at squadron level we had this very much in our minds when in time the orders came down through Group , through station , right to the people who had to do the carting and the bombing , I feel I should explain right at the outset that I can only view at the later stages of the war the state of morale as I saw it in the entire Pathfinder Force .
13 Too quickly , for my mother looked at me as I put them on the table .
14 It 's alright in that light as soon as I put it on the line it looks peculiar !
15 As I put it in the course of the argument , and as I sincerely believe , ‘ good parenting involves giving minors as much rope as they can handle without an unacceptable risk that they will hang themselves . ’
16 As I questioned her during the session , Maxine described to me a life as Martha , a fisherman 's wife in a small seaport in the late eighteenth century .
17 As I followed him through the doorway the porter whispered , " Get your braces undone , sir , do n't keep him waiting . "
18 As I followed him across the road , he roared off-straight through green traffic lights and into the distance .
19 As I followed him into the little building I smiled to myself .
20 Much as I regard them as a social nuisance on a par with the Orange Walk and invented by the devil to prevent churchgoers getting to church on time , I can not claim that marathons have ( yet ) been proved to kill enough people to justify banning them .
21 She seemed more beautiful than ever , and her manner to me was very pleasant , as I took her to the house in London where Miss Havisham had arranged for her to stay .
22 For example , I might decide the angle of light on my desk is not as I require it on the basis of assessing the illumination and the lamp which is the source of it .
23 I felt exhausted : as I dragged myself up the stairs I can remember thinking that now I knew what people meant when they said they were ‘ tired to death ’ .
24 As soon as I told her about the things that had happened , she knew .
25 As I told her at the time there were several possibilities . ’
26 He felt her slim shoulder move under the thick fabric of the tartan shirt , " as much as I know anything at the moment , that 's what I think I 'll be doing .
27 As I follow her into the front room someone whispers to Rufus : ‘ She got him under her thumb , I think . ’
28 Erm the point that you put to me I think two or three questions ago wa was related as I understood it to the the alignment and the network of the lanes .
29 The clock on the mantelpiece chimed the half-hour , seven thirty , as I walked her to the door .
30 The vast majority of academic writers , as I discovered myself in a trawl of more recent literature , tend to recycle old material , relying upon out-of-date statistics and official reports .
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