Example sentences of "as it is [adv] [vb pp] that " in BNC.

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1 While Mr Patiño may well be selling to simplify his life after he moves into his new London residence , Mrs Johnson 's reasons for selling are much more controversial , as it is generally believed that the heiress has not paid for the celebrated Badminton Cabinet which she bought at Christie 's , London , in July 1990 for a record £7.6 million ( $15.2 million ) .
2 Full length waders are essential as it is generally accepted that the best depth to work is knee to waist deep .
3 The patient is admitted to one of these units in order to allow the carer the freedom to go away on holiday , as it is well recognized that carers need a proper break at intervals , so you should not feel guilty about taking advantage of the opportunity .
4 I suggest that the general public also regard statements about animal tested products with caution , as it is well known that many of these products have had extremely adverse effects on human beings .
5 The last category is anyone under the influence of alcohol , as it is well known that the mental faculties of such people are often impaired , even if only temporarily .
6 This date is too late for the birth of Jesus as it is well known that Jesus was born in the reign of Herod the Great , who died in 4 BC .
7 This is not too unscientific or random an approach , as it is often found that one can do an experiment in a defined situation and reinforce one 's findings by consulting one 's colleagues about their own experience .
8 This assumption is not tenable as it is now recognised that the unstimulated output of prostacyclin by blood vessels is low ( reviewed by Dollery et al , 1983 ) .
9 They have suggested that the carcasses of animals which have died of either disease should not be buried in farm fields , as it is now thought that it may be possible for other livestock to become infected .
10 — If you can , avoid alcohol and smoking ( even passive smoking ) as it is now known that excessive alcohol consumption , combined with heavy smoking , lowers the number and activity of sperm and may be linked to higher rates of miscarriage. — If you have a condition that requires medical treatment , consult your doctor .
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