Example sentences of "but [pron] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Feminists need a more dynamic view of reading , one which maintains a political perspective , but which at the same time concedes that there is room for manoeuvre between text and audience .
2 The Government adverted to this problem in its White Paper , recognising that ‘ it is not easy to define in a manner which conforms with the normally precise definitions of the criminal law , but which at the same time is sufficiently general to catch the variety of conduct aimed at .
3 In consultation with colleges in 1989 , we planned the changeover to the new system over three years and three batches , providing , we hoped , a timetable which was not too rushed but which at the same time allowed centres to progress at a pace which met their candidates ' needs .
4 Even though banks hold only very small amounts of cash , they nevertheless hold a large amount of other relatively liquid assets which act as reserves , but which at the same time earn interest .
5 Those international lawyers , such as Brownlie , who are sceptical about the legality of nuclear weapons use , but who at the same time take a practical view of the law and see it as closely related to what states actually do , are in something of a bind , as they do not hesitate to acknowledge .
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