Example sentences of "she have just [vb pp] [adv prt] from " in BNC.

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1 Agnes had taken a smaller one ; she had just got back from her service 's registry .
2 It was quite soon after the terrible motor accident that had crippled him for life , and she had just come in from the garden with a bunch of flowers for him .
3 She opened the door before Massingham had time to ring , her handsome shield-shaped face composed under the light brown fringe , and looking in her shirt , slacks and leather jerkin as elegantly informal as if she had just come in from a country walk .
4 Kathleen looked over at the square cardboard box she had just brought back from Dorothea .
5 She 's just moved up from Kent and has come with packing cases full of cups and medals : a winning record which was topped this week with the Champion of Champions trophy and an ambition to become the world 's number one .
6 They 'll probably be in all night and she 's just walked up from the bingo and toddle in there .
7 ‘ There y'ar , Sergeant Joe , ’ beamed Mrs Beavis , ‘ this young lady 's our new lodger , she 's just took the front room , she 's just come over from France .
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