Example sentences of "she have [vb pp] [adv prt] from the " in BNC.

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1 In this damp clay I had left footprints , and over these footprints I now found the splayed-out pug marks of the tigress where she had jumped down from the rocks and followed me , until the kakar had seen her and given its alarm-call , whereon the tigress had left the track and entered the bushes where I had seen the movement .
2 She had gone on from the Noble Order of Lady Queen Bees ' meeting to a party given by one of the members , and was by now tired , cross and a little tipsy .
3 It hardly seemed fair to keep them in the cage she had made out of an old claret case she had dragged up from the cellar .
4 The fire by which we sat , Mrs Browning in front , I to one side , consisted mainly of a branch of beech which she had brought in from the woods : the thick end was in the fireplace , surrounded by burning twigs cosseted into flame by Mrs Browning , who puffed upon them with a pair of leather bellows when they faltered , and the other end , in shape and size rather like the antlers of a deer , reached out into the room .
5 She held up the notes she had copied down from the drums in the German docks .
6 By a coincidence the letter had been waiting for her on her dressing-table when she had got in from the pictures the previous night , just after she had been thinking and talking of Hilda .
7 He thought it a great feat that she had got in from the Point in an hour and a quarter .
8 She had come over from the east with her Arab mother , who , once in Britain , had married a stranger in order to stay — rather like buying a spare part to save one 's life .
9 Reproaching herself for not having unlocked it when she had come in from the main door , she rose quickly and went to open up .
10 Holding the red Conway Stewart pen she had picked up from the grass , she went over the scene again and again .
11 The fragment of the Quimper dish she had picked up from the dustpan on the kitchen floor that day when she and Thérèse had seen , when she saw , when the lady had shown herself for the second time .
12 The fact that Marc had registered her exact words seemed to say that they meant something — that he had n't simply dismissed what she had yelled out from the shower , but that he had remembered and , as it seemed now , had brooded over them for some time .
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