Example sentences of "'s [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 The family 's loss of control over the youth is crucial to his development in sport , for , if there was a more balanced social management within the West Indian community , it is likely that the vibrance and energy expended in sport could be directed into more orthodox areas .
2 To begin with the government wants private operators to cast a spider 's web of cable-TV over the country , It is n't obvious that this is the best way to go about it .
3 And third , for every new piece of legislation under the new Social Chapter , there 'll be a queue of continental employers and governments lodging cases in Europe 's Court of Justice over the U K's anti-competitive behaviour .
4 The University 's strategy of expansion over the past few years has been aimed to take full advantage of the UFC 's new policy of rewarding those universities that have demonstrated their willingness and ability to expand by retrospectively awarding full grant for an increased number of so-called fully funded students .
5 The GSLP , which was traditionally strongly opposed to Spain 's claim of sovereignty over the territory , had campaigned on a platform calling for greater autonomy from the United Kingdom , particularly in the economic sphere .
6 Equally clear is the peasantry 's sense of injustice over the Emancipation settlement , their resentment against the landowning nobility , and their yearning to see all noble land made over to them .
7 Among the various characteristics of these technologies which Blauner identifies we highlight three here : the changing skill requirements , the worker 's sense of control over the work process , and changes in the meaningfulness of work — these last two characteristics being , to a very large extent , a product of the social relationships which the worker has with management and the end-user of the product being made .
8 I wish he would keep his eyes off me , Laura thought grimly , feeling certain that she must have experienced almost a lifetime 's amount of tension over the past few days .
9 First , Mr Delors — who had earlier sent a furious letter to Mr Major , complaining of Britain 's lack of faith over the TV pact — had kept him waiting for over an hour at Heathrow while his flight from Brussels was delayed by fog .
10 The explosive power of volcanos is proof if ever it was needed , of man 's lack of control over the environment .
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