Example sentences of "that i [verb] [adv] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Is the Minister aware that I welcome both advances which have been made , but it will be obvious to him from my correspondence with the Department that some bullying still goes on .
2 After the deconstruction of my eidetic capability , Gyggle had insisted that I go on seeing him .
3 ‘ I realize now that I 've hopelessly misunderstood you , Clare .
4 And I should imagine that the light paper 's the backing paper and that I 've already glued my work on the paper and my my picture is already glued just there .
5 that I 've already drawn your Lordships attention to say that erm the policy holders protection can be given effect to and er that er that er it does not have er the broad construction all encompassing construction that eighty five three is the only route that my learned friend has submitted
6 I 'm just wondering if there that 's related to that scripture that I 've just showed you
7 That you do n't like these designs that I 've just shown you ? ’
8 In that shop that I 've just told you about , there was , they had square rugs sometimes a bit about twenty six , twenty seven quid .
9 But the types of children that I 've just told you about , the answer 's yes .
10 It 's not emotional blackmail — but once or twice recently , I 've felt that I 've nearly bought it .
11 I feel so glad that I 've finally found something that works and am not confined to a life of bingeing/vomiting , etc .
12 It can be a very hard game sometimes , but the most important thing for me is that I 've now got my mind right .
13 Not that he ever mentions it , or that I 've ever asked him , but he 's the type to consider it a sacred duty to have everything in order for every emergency . ’
14 ‘ Not that I 've ever seen him drunk , ma'am . ’
15 It 's I 've I was telling David outside that I 've absolutely butchered it and I it 's erm two thousand one hundred and sixty .
16 I have , I 've been asked a lot in the last twenty odd years and it 's only just recently that I 've seriously considered it , which is why I 've made this new album , Midnight Postcards .
17 He 's always been surrounded by people who think everything else he does is marvellous , but one of the points of our relationship has been that I 've always criticised his work , and for me those double portraits of the Seventies came perilously close to Photo-Realism . ’
18 ‘ Oh , I might as well tell you that I 've always known I was being unfair to you , using sex to hold on to you . ’
19 I do n't remember that I 've never seen it on any minutes
20 It 's just that I 've never met anyone as nice as you talk .
21 Apart from the fact that I 've never known her dig up a weed or pick a single daffodil , she simply is n't cut out for that kind of work . ’
22 So I can honestly say that I 've never known anyone who 's ever played for Leeds .
23 So I can honestly say that I 've never known anyone who 's ever played for Leeds .
24 It may seem that I 've never taken my title seriously , but below the skin I have great respect for it , and for this house too and the men who have gone before me who made it .
25 Maybe it works in the case of God ; I 've always been so afraid it would n't that I 've never tried it .
26 The woman was definitely shocked , and by the fact that I 've never bathed my child .
27 ‘ Not that I 've personally got anything against your legs . ’
28 It 's not that I get reasonably excited it 'll be okay .
29 ‘ Though of course before that I 'd already done my bit : I was one of Our Lads , I was an Expeditionary , part of the Task Force that recaptured Maggie 's surrendered popularity . ’
30 There was a click and she 'd gone , and I could hardly believe that I 'd ever doubted her as a relay post .
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