Example sentences of "you [vb base] what be going on " in BNC.

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1 Who developed the idea that childbirth is much less frightening if you know what is going on ?
2 In good time , so you know what 's going on .
3 ‘ Look , Nicola , you know what 's going on .
4 Yeah so just to get you so you understand about fractions , you know what 's going on and you can ask intelligent questions and your teacher 'll think , Oh she knows what she 's talking about .
5 They start with an instructive morning chat so you know what 's going on .
6 The first read : ‘ You know what 's going on with your wife .
7 You know what 's going on !
8 Surrounding himself with local knowledge was a form of entrenchment ; if you dig in and stare at a hill you can often persuade yourself you know what 's going on behind it .
9 I do n't know who it and apparently he asked him that , are , are any of your men gon na be there and if there are he said , I 'm , I 'm gon na pull out and use all my influence to stop the march and the I R A police said no there would not be any gunmen there so I thought yeah , fucking right , oh yeah that 's easy to say , and then if like the reporter said and , and you believe him and you have the feeble excuse towards a small community he said , you know what 's going on
10 Erm , they 're sort of a little bit intriguing , you wonder what 's going on there , what sort of place it is , and so on .
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