Example sentences of "you [vb mod] [adv] [verb] [pos pn] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Otherwise you may completely ruin your kitchen table or working surface !
2 We realise that you may well make your Family Fast Day offering through your parish .
3 You may well hang your head .
4 You are going to reach your weight and inch target , and when you do , unless you have another goal to aim for , you may well let your fitness campaign relax and fall back into old habits .
5 Do not send valuable or irreplaceable photographs ; if you put your name and address on the back , you may well get your print returned — but do not count on it !
6 Should you know your cholesterol level , after you may well take your pulse or heart rate regularly when you have been out running , so why not ‘ know your cholesterol number ’ as the Americans would say ?
7 If you are very energetic you may even make your way to the Postalm , the largest alpine plateau in the Eastern alps .
8 You may even feel your skin crawling after a difficult meeting or with the impact of crowds of people .
9 ‘ So you may even join his Crusade ? ’ said Primaflora , surprising him again .
10 You may also find your hair benefits from an intensive re-moisturiser once a week .
11 You may also cancel your subscription at any time .
12 And now I am going to have to tell you WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO , but this time it 's a bit different because the DOs and DON'Ts that I am going to give you may easily SAVE YOUR LIFE .
13 If you allow more than one or two days to elapse you may either lose your nerve , or find that you have missed your opportunity , or you might give the prospective employer the impression that you are not really interested .
14 If you go for a number of interviews without success you may subconsciously associate your interview outfit with failure .
15 Who knows , you may never blow your top in a traffic jam again !
16 They 're offering obscure American stocks ; you may never see your money again . "
17 Nevertheless , you may still lose your job because of the take-over or for a reason connected with it .
18 If you are not satisfied about the outcome of your application for compensation in the overseas post , you may still put your complaint to an adjudicator appointed by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators .
19 You may therefore wish your employer to agree to pay some or all of the following :
20 However , by careful listening to your lecturer you may possibly identify his preference for certain topics .
21 Should you still feel dissatisfied you may personally bring your grievance to the notice of Personnel Management Division or you are free to raise it with your staff association or trade union who may take action on your behalf .
22 When you tilt the main bed , to add a ribber , you must also tilt your knitting ( by bringing it over the ribber ) to maintain the correct angle .
23 You must also confirm your request in writing in the relevant box on the booking form .
24 You must also take your hat off to Curtis Strange who had not played well during the week but who birdied the final four holes — no mean feat — to ensure that his country was n't beaten .
25 You must always take my advice .
26 You must always keep your reader in mind because he or she is the true reason for writing the report .
27 But boys you must all tell your father that he must look after you now .
28 If you take out your money after one year , you get the same rate , but have to pay tax on it , bringing it down to 7.5%. you must then close your TESSA ; but can re-open another immediately .
29 You must still plan your timing to these points at your estimated groundspeed .
30 You must never cut your hair . ’
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