Example sentences of "he have just [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 He has just walked out into a spectacular summer storm .
2 When I quip that he sounds as if he has just come round from anaesthetic , Eva says , ‘ He has . ’
3 He has just come back from Canada and he will go back to Canada . ’
4 ‘ Steve ! ’ she cried in amazement as he let himself into the apartment , grinning all over his silly face as if he 'd just popped out for a paper that morning and found he 'd won the state lottery .
5 Perhaps he 'd just slipped out of her , and located her anus by mistake .
6 Cursin " he was " cos he 'd just settled down to his kipper .
7 Louis looked as though he 'd just got up off the ground after being knocked out in a fight .
8 Singer 's face was flushed as if he 'd just got out of a hot bath .
9 He looked as if he had just stepped out of a drawing room in the shires .
10 Of similar vintage I can recall Billy Lane turning up for an open match on the Swadlincote waters , looking as if he had just stepped out of a time warp .
11 For a moment , the sergeant had that same sense of disorientation when the lights went up at the end of an afternoon programme in the cinema and he felt he had just flown back from another world .
12 He was not available for comment , however , as he had just flown off to Australia .
13 She did not remember anyone inviting Tim , he had just tagged on to them , but she felt it was safer to take him than leave him near Durance in case he made any further blackmail attempts .
14 John was supposed to come and meet me from work to carry my heavy shopping and then changed plans and he had just walked in with JONATHAN ( proper name JIMMY ) .
15 He led me into the hut he had just come out of
16 He pointed to the one he had just come out of .
17 And then he got , he got on the bus , it was a Midland Red and it was going to erm , er where , it was going out of town , anyway , and he shook hands with the driver , because I could n't help but , you know , notice what he was doing , and when I got when I was in the shop and getting the bread , the girls in there were telling me that he shook hands with them , because he had just got out of prison , and he was a born again Christian .
18 He had just sat down in front of the television , beer in one hand , chicken leg in the other , feet on the coffee table , and Sportsnight just started .
19 Mr Mounsa , 47 , was ordered to strip off the wallpaper he had just put up at the house in Toxteth .
20 He 's just popped out for supplies .
21 He 's just ridden in from London , and his lady 's here to meet him .
22 He 's just gone out for … but I never heard what it was , because I went .
23 Pike was standing by a wooden rack of pamphlets , including What Has Old Mother Walsh to Say to Us ? and a large , colourful one for the kiddies entitled Daddy is n't Dead , He 's Just Gone Out for a Bit .
24 We like your cleverness Has he given it more thought , he 's just come up with a really clever idea I think there
25 He 's just come in on the come back trail and he seems to me to be getting better and better .
26 He 's just come back from holiday , and starts school today . ’
27 He 's just come back from Australia
28 No he 's just come back from Tunisia on holiday so he 'll need it .
29 He 's just come back from Belize erm , and he 's they 're , they 're posted to Germany and they leave tomorrow .
30 He 's just come out of prison
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